Portrait Info


    Whether you are an experienced model looking to boost your portfolio, or a family looking to document the addition of a new baby, KPK Photography is here to create a one of a kind portrait for you. At our studio, or a location of your choice, we will strive to create a portrait that not only captures your outer beauty, but that captures your inner beauty as well. 

    At KPK Photography, we believe portrait sittings should be a fun experience, and that the final product should be full of emotion. Whether that emotion is the love and friendship that a newly engaged couple share, or the happiness and hopes of recently graduated high school senior.  It is the push to create a unique piece of art for each of our customers that keeps us going. From our small staff of talented photographers to our skilled graphic designer we are constantly learning and improving our skills to do just that. 

    We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we develop with our customers and are able to create work that represents them on a level that is rarely seen.  

We look forward to working with you in the future, and hope to hear from you soon.