The Photographer


    In a world where time seems to fly by faster every day, the little moments seem to become more and more important. Capturing these moments is why I do what I do. From a split second on an assembly line in a GM plant, to the moment a bride and groom first sink a knife into their cake, every moment is important to me. 

    Since 2003 I have spent my time learning, working, and growing as a photographer. I have spent time at five different colleges, ranging from small community colleges, to large art institutions. In 2008 I received my Associates of Science, in Photographic Illustration, from Delaware Technical and Community College, and immediately began working towards my Bachelors Degree at Wilmington University, which I have since earned. For three years I worked for a large photography studio, which served the tri-state area. I have professional experience shooting everything from senior and underclass portraits, and high school sports and dances, to wedding and commercial photography.

    In 2005 I began work on a series of photographs, documenting the fall of the American farm. As the world moves forward, into a new age of technology, we seem to forget about the people and industries that got us there. As I drive down roads that, not ten years ago were skirted by rolling fields, and are now hugged by strip malls and shopping centers, it makes me want to document a piece of American life that seems to be getting less and less attention. It is my hope that in the future the American farmer will once again be a strong and prosperous people and my photographs will forever be a documentation of their successful struggle back to where they once were.

    In my photographic career I have used almost every type of camera, from antique to modern, and I can say without a doubt; it is not the camera that creates a great picture, it is the photographer. I take pride in my work, and I take the time to get it right.


Shawn Kirkpatrick CPP.

Owner – KPK Photography